Thursday, August 14, 2014

SERIOUSLY, SKIP IT: Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture Kabuki Brush

Ok, it's 3:09am and I made a makeshift photo area to inform you of this awful, awful brush. It's that awful that I had to review it.

So this garbage thing is the Limited Edition Brush Couture Kabuki Brush by Sonia Kashuk (yes, you read right, that's two 'brush' in one name). I've had really good luck with this Target-exclusive brand--until I picked up this monstrosity. You can check it out on the Target website where it retails for (drumroll) $12.99 of pure waste-of-money. I'm an impulse-shopper so I grabbed it when it was marked down to $6.48 (still too much). It's cute--! Kabuki brushes are useful--! It's so cute though--!

NOPE. The cute is where the advantages stop.

See this piece of shit to the top? That's a crappy $2 Walmart brush I got to tickle my rats with. That thing and this kabuki brush literally feel the same. I can't apply powder or blush because it pokes and makes it feel like I stuck my face into fiberglass (which, if you don't understand the simile, you shouldn't try). It's cute, but it's worthless if you actually want to actually use it.

This motherfucker sheds like an unbrushed cat. The first time I used it to dust some finishing powder on my face, I found 6 hairs just sitting around on my skin. There's no way that was from my cat, even if her fur is literally everywhere. And it continued shedding the next few times I used it. I theorize if you continue using this thing, it'll eventually thin to nothingness.

Size comparisons L-R: Elf Studio Kabuki Brush, cheapo Walmart brush, Sonia Kashuk Kabuki, Ecotools Large Powder Brush

If you want a good, awesome, fantastic kabuki brush go buy the Elf Studio Kabuki Brush. It costs $6 (often on sale for less), is amazingly soft, dense, and mine hasn't shed a single hair. This is literally my favorite face brush. If you love the designs and cuteness of Sonia Kashuk brushes, I suggest looking up reviews or making sure you can return it if it fails. They're cute and all, but often hit-and-miss.

The most useful part of this purchase is the oversized box the brush came with. It's really, really sturdy and pretty cute. I'm gonna throw it in my drawer to store lip products. This brush is going into my rat toy box so they can chew it and pee on it and then ignore it when it's no longer fun.

It's cute and functional. How I wish the brush actually was.

Here's my babies chewing on their now-outdated toy.

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