What the hell does that tag mean?

If you're here, you were either confused or curious. So you clicked that gray button. And here you are.

I use some short tags on my blog for easy (for me) sorting. Here's a short list, lumped into categories ranging from 'obvious' to 'I typed it at 2am'. Note I don't tag things as 'swatches', since all my posts have swatches. That's what everyone wants in a blog.

  • Eyeliner/Blush/Nail Polish/etc. -- A post about the aforementioned product.
  • Revlon/Maybelline/Sephora/etc. -- Post including info about that brand's product.
  • Review -- Basically what every other blog has. A product review.
  • Dupes -- Includes some colors I think to be pretty close to the original product.
  • Comparison -- Post has some comparison between two semi-similar products or colors.
  • Short & Sweet -- A post that's a quick write. Maybe swatches alone or a brief perfume mention.
  • List -- Post containing a list of themed products or something similar.

  • Extreme Wear -- Product I wore (successfully) for over 12 hours.
  • Perma Fave -- Something so great that I'll love it forever.
  • Hall of Fame -- If makeup had competitions, this product would be near the top for me.
  • Skip It -- A product I didn't like enough to keep, or a product so bad I want you to know.
  • Straight to the Trash -- It sucked so bad, I want this product out of my life immediately.
  • Your Mileage May Vary -- A product that you may have a highly different experience with than me.

  • Kitty -- Post has a picture of a cat. Neat.
  • Bun -- The blog's namesake appears in the form of a rabbit in this post.
  • Ratty Rats -- Post contains pictures of my cute rodents. Believe me, I'm a rat scientist.

This list will probably change and evolve, but I hope this helped you if you were befuddled.

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